Things my kid has taught me (week 2)

1. Body mass is indirectly proportionate to the amount of laundry a person can create.

2. An enormous wardrobe may not seem necessary for a person who can’t even find his own hands on a good day, but it comes in handy for someone who stands an excellent chance of peeing in or vomiting on every outfit he wears. See #1.

3. A body weight of 8 pounds and change does not inhibit a body’s ability to fart like an old man. See #1.

4. My 30-year-old self has maintained my 22-year-old self’s college-era ability to be up half the night without being too miserable the next day. Unfortunately, instead of begging for beer, I am begging my son to please go to sleep.

5. I am not nearly as high-maintenance as I thought. The fact that I can’t leave the house alone without 17 armloads of stuff to get me through the day suddenly pales in comparison to the amount of stuff required by someone who doesn’t even know what the word “stuff” means. See #1.


11 Responses to Things my kid has taught me (week 2)

  1. art-sweet says:

    I am the first commenter ever!

    I want to smooch those little puckered up lips… Roo is adorable!

  2. Genevieve says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol. great post. Great new site – love that baby picture!

  3. dawnfriedman says:

    Such a gorgeous Roo! Thank you for the heads up!!

  4. Poor_Statue says:

    Yay! So happy for you and he’s so cute.

  5. Shannon says:

    Welcome Roo. Great banner up there!

  6. He is, in two words: PERFECTLY MUNCHABLE!
    OMG I could nibble on that adorable neckroll for DAYS!
    *Ruby had some serious cheeks & also a little bit of a neckroll but shhh, I haven’t mentioned the roll to her yet. LOL! hehehe*

    So happy for the new family, and wishing you all the best! It’s one hell of a ride!


    -Amy & Ruby Cate

  7. Erin O' says:

    Yea!!! ” Mmmmm, neckrolls” (say in Homer Simpson voice).

    Can’t wait to hear and see more. great new blog, thanks for sharing.


  8. Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing the new link with me. Love the picture!

  9. techie says:

    I so identify with number 4, but I will warn you. It cathes up with your bad 30 yo self a heck of a lot faster than it did when you were 22.

  10. Susan says:

    Oh, what a beautiful baby!

    And yes, the laundry is amazing. As are those oxygen-based cleaning additives–great on stains of all sorts.

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