Just like America, Roo runs on D*nkin

Apparently, breastfeeding + a large one of these = a no good, very bad, terrible horrible idea.

My child woke up at 3 am and has not. stopped. talking.

He didn’t even sleep until 10 this morning, when I put him in the carrier and took him for a 40-minute walk. He passed out, but as soon as I put him down he opened his eyes and has begun talking again.

Please. Can someone either recommend an antidote to caffeine or point me to an entry form for the junior No-Sleeping Olympics? Because I think I’ve got a winner on my hands.


6 Responses to Just like America, Roo runs on D*nkin

  1. techie says:

    oh my..

    That’s funny. (ok, it’s not if I’m you)

    I’ve not met an antidote to caffeine. The only thing I can suggest is a car ride. It put our son out most every time.

  2. Johnny says:

    Welcome to parenthood. There’s theory…and then there’s reality.

  3. DS-L says:

    This post reminds me of the time at Starbucks I thought it would be nice to buy my boys — then 7 and 3 — a cappuccino brownie, thinking it was a brownie one would eat while sipping a cappuccino NOT REALIZING IT WAS MADE WITH CAPPUCCINO. They went to bed at midnight literally after dancing on the coffeetable. Good luck!!!

  4. afrindiemum says:

    no more caffiene for you, i guess. i’m just going to die when this day comes for me, a four-cupper a day.

    but still breastfeeding? you’re amazing. keep on keepin on with your bad self. and i’d love an update on that (but no rush – i remember new mamahood).

    take care.

  5. shirky says:

    is it too early in the day for booze?

  6. Liza says:

    My little one is exactly the same way. I never did manage to give up caffine, although I cut back while I was pregnant.

    But the morning after a bad day where I’ve had more than the usual amount? Ya-da-da, ya-da-da, ya-da-da, ya-da-da, ya-da-da, from the moment he wakes up until sometime after I drop him off at day care. (We wish we could get him to switch to ya-ma-ma, but for now, he likes the sound ‘da’ and is utterly uninterested in the sound ‘ma.’)

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