My kid is a rock star

Roo got his feet wet in political work today – primary election day. The kid really was a star.

I went to make phone calls for a candidate who just happens to be the social worker who helped us get Roo (Rock Star, not Ms. Brusue). He hung out in the magic carrier. He looked around. He made little sounds. He was admired by other volunteers. He wore a button with the campaign logo on it. He napped. He ate, and then went right back into the carrier without a peep in order to work off his food coma. When he was done, he lay on a pile of t-shirts with the candidate’s name on them and cooed and smiled at everyone who walked by. He did this for FOUR HOURS while I made phone calls. And then he let me run an errand on the way home.

When we got home, he cried for about 12 seconds, sucked down a few ounces, and nestled right in for another nap, his hand holding onto the collar of my shirt. And he woke up smiling. That is some cuteness. Some stinkin’ cuteness.

I feel like a real mama today.

I don’t know if I could love this kid any more.


4 Responses to My kid is a rock star

  1. charlotte says:

    Yeah, the love just actually hurts sometimes, doesn’t it?

  2. I’m sitting here smiling with tears in my eyes, because I know all too well that love that you’re feeling. It’s all consuming & stronger than anything you’ve ever felt or ever thought you COULD feel in your entire life, and it’s just so damn good… isn’t it? *grin*

    You give Roo a great big kiss from Ruby and me please! Let’s get together soon maybe go apple picking if you like! Shoot me an email & maybe we can get something together! =)


  3. charlotte says:

    Ladies!! Where is Part 8? I hate to be a nag, but your story is so fabulous…we need more!

  4. AJWP says:

    Congratulations to baby Roo on his first day as a political activist! I LOVE seeing kids at the polls, and I’m so glad you two had a lovely day together.

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