The cops were knocking on doors this morning up and down the street.

They looked at Roo and said, well, we don’t want to upset you but.

Someone dumped a newborn at the end of our street last night. She’s alive, but it sounds like she probably won’t make it.

They’re looking for information about any pregnant women we’ve noticed in the neighborhood.

What does your life have to look like to make that kind of decision? How do we fail someone so badly that this feels like their only option?

Please send good vibes, prayers, wishes, or whatever your gig is for this little girl and her mom.

ETA – it’s a boy, actually, and he’s in critical care. The state took emergency custody of him. We saw a news report with an interview of the people who found him, and it turns out it was the girl we saw racing across the street in a bathrobe and slippers this morning like her feet were on fire.

ETA 10/22: He made it! He went home with a foster family this weekend.


6 Responses to Baby

  1. Erin says:

    My heart goes out to the little and to her mother, wherever she is. I can’t imagine the circumstances that she must be in.

  2. Johnny says:


    I pass these firehouses that have the “Safe Baby” signs that indicate that they’ll take in a baby, no questions asked. It’s just so senseless. I don’t really expect anyone to go to a firehouse and leave a baby….but for god sakes….it’s so, so sadly ironic to me…esp with Chinese adoption and all the adoptive circules we run in.

  3. Lisa V says:

    I work with someone who was found in a garbage can in a high school. Her birth mom claimed her within hours and she was raised by her aunt- who became her mom. For those of us who worked so hard to have children it seems unfathomable, doesn’t it? But my guess is if we had a crisis pregnancy we may understand more. So very sad. Hope for the mom and the baby.

  4. Liza says:

    Heart.Attack. That poor, poor baby. And ye gods, that poor person in the robe & slippers who found a dying baby in the street.

    I never had a crisis pregnancy, even when I was doing things that could possibly have resulted in that back in my wayward youth. So perhaps I am missing some key element of understanding. But I really do think there must be some kind of fundamental breakdown, that these young women don’t know ANY of their better options.

    Of course it would be great if they didn’t get pregnant, or if they could arrange to get help and place their babies with adoptive parents, or have abortions, but it makes my skin crawl that they don’t even know that there’s a safe way they can leave their babies, and instead, they just…ditch them.

  5. Amy says:

    What could be said to that poor girl. She didn’t think she had any options, she didn’t have anyone whom she felt safe with, she didn’t consider the life that came from her. She will regret this, we will pray for her.

  6. Alison says:

    This story actually made my local news tnite in Florida. They said the little guy was in ‘serious’ condition. I was hoping that was an improvement from critical. Breaks my heart . . .

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