12 weeks is still new

This is why I’m claiming new-Mama status until at least next summer.

Noon: Pull out bathtub to give Roo a bath.

12:03: Realize that water is pouring out of the bathtub as fast as it’s going in because I’ve forgotten to latch the two sides that slide out from each other. Mop up.

12:10: Put baby in bathtub.

12:11: Baby pees.

12:11:30 Pull baby out. Realize that I have forgotten a towel. Run with wet, naked baby into the next room and turn dresser drawer upside down looking for one before he freezes.

12:12: Go back into the kitchen with towel-wrapped baby and realize bathtub latch has come undone again and water is pouring all over the floor.

12:14: Scream words that I would like not to use in front of baby but use all the time anyway. Throw teeny tiny kitchen rag onto giant puddle and ignore the rest.

12:16: Run the water in the regular bathtub, strip down, get in with naked baby.

12:17: Realize I have forgotten the baby soap, which is still in the kitchen, now in a puddle of water.

12:18: Decide to wash baby without soap. He doesn’t sweat, play in the dirt, etc. Fine.

12:21: Baby pees AGAIN.

12:21:30: We get out of the bathtub. Baby is smiling and happy. Mama surveys the trashed house, almost cries. Looks at smiling baby, decides to laugh instead.  Calls for reinforcement.


4 Responses to 12 weeks is still new

  1. AJWP says:

    Oh no! That sounds like one of those stories that will be hilarious in a week, but was maddening beyond all reason in the moment.

    Congratulations to you and NSG on 12 weeks of motherhood!

  2. art-sweet says:

    This is one of the things I do not understand about babies and cats. How can they pee so frequently? And why is their peeing so tied to having litter boxes cleaned, diapers changed, baths given…

  3. Erika says:

    I think you qualify as a new parent for the whole first year. Then you are in training for the next year. After my son was two, I started to feel like I knew what I was doing! Great bathtub story.

  4. Fostermommy says:

    Sounds about right… 😉
    I’m impressed that you attempted bathing him alone at all! Baths have always been a 2-person job around here. Okay, I guess when they were relatively immobile, and we were still using the baby tub, we’ve done it solo, but 2-on-1 is greatly preferred.

    I wish we had room somewhere (in the bathroom or the baby room) for a “bath bucket” to keep clean towel/washcloth/soap/etc. in, so we’re not always running around looking for them. Though I guess now we have it down pretty well. And since there are 2 of us, it’s not a big deal if one has to run back out to get a towel…which still happens pretty regularly.

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