Grump. And also, whine.

I’m just venting for a second.

Most of the people in our lives have been beyond amazing since we came home with Roo. We’ve felt so supported. But the few that have been less than amazing are driving me a little nuts.

Last week I was taken to task for not returning phone calls fast enough and not taking the initiative to be the first to call. Have we met? Do you remember that I am ALWAYS terrible about returning phone calls? And that I have a new baby and just went back to work?

This morning someone who was very graciously taking care of Roo for part of the day got pissed at me because I asked her if she needed me to show her how to put the car seat in her car. Okay, so she was someone who obviously doesn’t need a lesson, but this was the first time since we’ve had Roo that he’s been in the car with anyone besides me or NSG driving, and I’m still not used to leaving him with someone else. And car accidents are my worst nightmare. Was it really too much for her to just humor me, or at least laugh in my face about my neurotic new parent anxiety instead of getting mad?

Cut a girl a little slack, okay? It’s not about you. My head is still firmly planted in my new-Mama ass.

Grrr. Foot-stomp.

Petty self-righteousness, over and out.


3 Responses to Grump. And also, whine.

  1. Carry says:

    I hear ya’! Every new parent is that way, trust me! I remember telling my mom how to burp my eldest…it’s pretty funny now looking back!

  2. shirky says:

    I think my mom probably told her parents how to put a car seat in a car…but that’s because they would have tied a cardboard box to the seat with clothesline and said “good enough”.

  3. irshlas says:

    Don’t apologize for wanting things done a certain way. Roo is your child and it’s your responsibility to ensure he’s safe and happy and… and… and…lolol. How odd it is that people suddenly develop amnesia once they’ve moved from one phase of life to another (ie.. infertiles who get pregnant…. new parents who are now grandparents….. the poor who become rich) It’s as if once you cross a certain point, you’re no longer one of “those” people and you can’t remember when you were. You go right ahead and leave your head where it’s planted. From my view, it’s a nice place to be 🙂

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