Garden State

Well played, New Jersey. Very well played.

NJ legislature: marriage is marriage. Civil unions are not.

Keep the momentum going, ‘k?


4 Responses to Garden State

  1. AJWP says:

    I’m diasppointed. I hoped they’d go for full marriage, just like the SJC in MA.

  2. irshlas says:

    It wasn’t the Full Monty… but it’s a step in the right direction. One small victory will lead to others. 🙂 It’s better than living here in the Deep South where the two major arguments against allowing couples of the same sex to marry are: 1) ‘cuz G-d said it ain’t right; and 2) if we do that, people will want to start marrying cows and horses and stuff…..
    I’m so proud. (Hmmmmm, when does the next bus leave?)

  3. Susan says:

    I’m disappointed/excited/worried all at once: in the end, things will go our way, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever be legally married in my state of current residence. Still, nice to know there’s another state worth moving to!

  4. Avonlea says:

    If only the decision was timed differently, with the new (democrat) chief justice instead of the 70 year old retiring republican – and after the mid-term elections, I think it could have been different – better – but it’s a 90 page decision that I haven’t plowed through yet.

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