My kid is a party animal

We took Roo to a wedding last night and, true to form, he loves a good party.

 After getting the inevitable “we have  a baby we can’t possibly be on time” stuff over with by taking a ginormous shit 10 minutes before we had to go and then peeing on his pants as we changed him, he slept all the way through the rainy, rainy trip up to the coast of Maine.

He didn’t make a peep through the ceremony. NSG carried him in the wrap for most of the reception. He was admired and cooed and fussed over the whole night. People we had never met would walk by and say “Hi Roo!” Like he’s a celebrity. And he ate. it. up.

When they got the music going he waved his arms and legs around and bobbled his head like he was ready to get out of the wrap and join the bride and groom for the Stray Cat Strut (no, I’m not kidding about the music).

Aside from being the life of the party, he also relieved most of the weirdness of white-lesbian-moms-with-biracial-kid at a wedding that was otherwise (as far as we could tell) entirely white and straight.

One older man, after NSG walked by him with Roo in the carrier, stopped me to say: In my day, you would never have seen a dad carrying his baby in one of those! I think it’s great! This kid has got himself two great parents!

NSG headed straight for the bar.



A lot of people asked us about his adoption, which is interesting, because it’s only in the pasat month that he’s gotten dark enough that people immediately assume he was adopted, not that one of us gave birth to him.

Usually, conversations went like this:

Wedding guest: So, is he adopted? Where is he from?

Us: He is. He was born in Crazy State.

WG: Wow. Usually you hear about kids being adopted from other countries. How long did it take you?

Us: Almost exactly a year. But from the time we were approved until we got the call about him it was only about 3 weeks.

WG: Wow! I heard it takes like, 5 years to adopt.

Us: Well, we got really, really lucky. But sometimes when you hear something like that it’s about people trying to adopt a white baby. We were open to a baby of any race.

WG: Ohhhh… (uncomfortable pause). Huh. Well, he is REALLY cute. [Changes subject]

I guess we’ve got to start somewhere.


3 Responses to My kid is a party animal

  1. Susan says:

    We were at a wedding last night, too, and Curious Girl was a dancing fool. And a running-around-in-circles-with-two-other-young-kids fool. It’s definitely a different experience being at a wedding with a kid.

    I have had the weirdest conversations about adoption and lesbian parents at big parties: must be something about the conviviality of the occasion and the encounters with others that opens up dumb questions. But you’re right, you have to start somewhere.

  2. art-sweet says:

    I think Susan’s onto something… the conviviality – and the alcohol!

  3. Shannon says:

    Start somewhere indeed. Sounds like a bazillion conversations we’ve had. Always, always, always “where’s she from???” And now with the Madonna thing–oh joy.

    You remind me of us taking Nat to my brother’s wedding. She got happily passed around by people all evening and when it was bedtime, I put her in the wrap (she used to sleep in there no matter where we were–nice) and this friend of my brother’s who was tending the bar tried to flirt with me and at one point said, “what is that on your stomach, anyway?” to which my brother, lately arrived at the bar, broke in with “dude! that’s my niece!”


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