100 things about me (part 2)

22. My grandmother disowned me for about an hour and a half when I told her that we were adopting Roo, who is biracial.

23. I’ve always wanted to be an adoptive parent.

24. I never thought I would adopt a white baby.

25. I figured my babies would have a dad.

26. Instead they will have 3 moms and a dad.

27. I met my wife at a party.

28. The first conversation we ever had was about how on earth anyone ever meets anyone at a party.

29. We got married 4 years later.

30. I’m not a huge believer in marriage.

31. I do believe in rights, though.

32. I also believe in our relationship.

33. Every single day.

34. We had a little ceremony all by ourselves with no witnesses and then had a wedding 3 months later.

35. I’m glad we did it this way.

36. I loved our wedding.

37. I would never plan another wedding in a million years.

38. One of my favorite things about our wedding was having our whole community-by-choice there.

39. My life is pretty much defined by a constant search for community.

40. For about a year when I was 22 I had exactly the kind of community I wanted.

41. I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since.

42. I think it has something to do with being an only child.

43. I would never (by choice) have only one child.

44. Five years ago my father almost died.

45. When he was sick I couldn’t believe how small my family felt.

46. He almost died because he’s an alcoholic.

47. We didn’t know it until then.

48. I have a great relationship with him still, but a different kind than we had before that.

49. I have a great relationship with my mom too, but it’s more complicated in that mother-daughter kind of complicated way.


2 Responses to 100 things about me (part 2)

  1. afrindiemum says:

    23, 24 – me, too!

    38, 39 – i have a community by choice, too. they are my family on a day to day basis. i love the intricacies of chosen family – especially when applied to open adoption.

  2. art-sweet says:

    42, 43 me too, all the way.

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