… the prize for the most melodramatic, needlessly worried mama goes to… me!

The whole thing is, um, a load of crap. Sorry if that’s TMI, but the kid is plugged up, wicked. The pediatrician assures me that it’s nothing a bit of prune juice won’t fix in a few days.

And my dear internets, have I told you how much I love you? Really, thank you so much to every single one of you who talked me off that ledge. It really did help so much (stories about cats and stories from parents-to-be included).

Signing off, with egg on my face.


ETA: second post-placement visit is done! Only one more to go. Maybe he won’t grunt all the way through the next visit.


5 Responses to Aaaaand…

  1. Sue says:

    LOL I would grunt too if someone were trying to keep pushing food down when it wasn’t leaving. I know no self respecting doctor or nurse would suggest this (I am no longer licensed, so I can) but a friend of mine–who had a grunting infant–swore by a spoonful of karo syrup, when prune juice failed.

  2. FosterMommy says:

    we must have a ton of self-dis-respecting doctors in our area, because I see a bunch of people spooning karo syrup into their kids’ bottles. We were told Karo or apple juice with our foster son. We chose the juice. Worked just fine.

    See, you were right – something was wrong.

    Did you transition him slowly enough from breastmilk to the goat formula? or is the goat formula too protein-y for him? (which recipe are you following?) Or is it just random constipation. Which certainly happens. Usually it’s from iron-fortified formula, though, and goat’s milk doesn’t have iron…hmm…

    well, glad you figured out the mystery and hopefully everything will be running smoothly (ha!) soon.

  3. art-sweet says:

    Did you think the neurotic Jewish mother gene had bypassed you somehow? I know it hasn’t bypassed me and I don’t even have a kid yet.

  4. Susan says:

    Oh, poor Roo!

    And do be gentle as you wipe that egg off your face: it’ll be back, and you’ll always look beautiful as you’re looking at Roo, paying attention to him, and wondering what’s making him tick.

  5. Clementine says:

    I’m glad that’s all it is! Poor Roo, and poor you, too.

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