100 things about me (part 3)

I promise I’m going to get to all those questions you asked me… sometime soon when I’m feeling a little less brainless. For now, I’m continuing with the way-more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know series…

50.  One piece of my culturally Jewish inheritance is that I don’t know how to take care of people without feeding them.

51. I think I’m a good cook.

52. I’d like to be a great cook.

53. In a parallel universe I would be a chef.

54.  Food makes me very happy.

55. Especially garlic.

56. And dark chocolate.

57. And tomatoes. The heirloom ones from our CSA.

58. The CSA is one of my favorite things about the warm months around here.

59. I love supporting local farmers and getting to stuff my face with incredible food in the process.

60. Occasionally, when I freeze corn and make sauerkraut it also allows me to feel like a farmer instead of a die-hard urbanite.

61. I’m kind of a foodie except I won’t eat mushrooms, eggplant, beef, or pork. This dulls the tarnish on my foodie badge a little.

62. The fact that 12 of my 100 things are about food should tell you a lot about me.

63. I haven’t earned a dollar in my adult life that hasn’t been from a non-profit organization.

64. I hope that doesn’t change.

65. Non-profits are dysfunctional, but in a way that feels like home.

66. I can’t imagine doing a job I don’t like.

67. I’d be a much meaner person.

68. I have a much better quality of life than I ever thought I could have when my salary comes from work I believe in.

69. My first job was of the weekday + weekend + nights variety, and I thought (wrongly) that I could keep up that pace for the rest of my life because I loved the work so much.

70. It was the first time I knew that I could actually get paid to do what I used to do for fun.


One Response to 100 things about me (part 3)

  1. Carry says:

    I LOVE working for non-profits! I can’t say I’ve done it all of my adult life, but I have for the last 8 years…and last job change I couldn’t even *look* at anything outside of the non-profit world, the very idea made me weep…

    And dysfunctional??? Heck ya! (glad to hear Roo is fine, poor baby)

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