Lecks and shmecks

Yesterday Roo and I were on our street waiting for NSG so we could go for a walk. We ran into our elderly neighbor, who is always plying us with home-made Armenian pastries though we have no common language. He took one look at Roo, reached into his wallet, and, despite my protests, shoved a 20 dollar bill into the hood of his coat. What gives?


On Wednesday morning, the busiest travel day of the year, I am getting on a plane with Roo and without NSG. He has never flown before, and I make no predictions. I’m trying to steel myself to be a Buddha and not be thrown by anything that happens. Anyone have any suggestions for me for how to make it through a 2 1/2 hour flight alone with a not-quite four-month-old without either of us losing our minds?


We bought an Ergo yesterday. We’re buying carriers the way Carrie Bradshaw buys shoes (though none of ours cost $400). It’s freakin’ amazing. We walked for an hour today and it hardly felt like carrying him at all. We also have two slings, plus one of these (great for napping), one of these (seriously overrated but it was a loaner, not a purchase), one of these (a hand-me-down), and one of these (great for walking).  If anyone wants more of a run-down on any of these before buying something let me know, since apparently this is my new my full-time job.


After Thanksgiving, we’re starting sleep training of sorts. We’re not into letting him cry it out, but it feels like time already. I don’t think the kid needs the calories to make it through the night anymore – when he wakes up wanting to be fed he never eats more than 2 ounces or so anymore, but all the same he’s up once or twice a night. A month ago he was sleeping through until 4 or 5 in the morning, and then he got a cold and started teething and it all got shot to shit. Ideas? Support? Techniques that worked for you (not including crying it out)?


7 Responses to Lecks and shmecks

  1. DS-L says:

    No advice on the sleep — 5-year old still in bed with us and 2-year old in crib right next to tbe bed. BUT — as for travelling. Put Roo in the sling for sleeping and nurse / bottle (I forget if Roo’s totally done nursing) for take off and landing. It is safe as long as you are buckled and the sling is snug. Roo not going anywhere. It is how we survived the 30 hours to get from Guangzhou China to home with daughter! Lived in the sling.

  2. shirky says:

    you should tell all the airline people it’s his first flight.

  3. Mimi says:

    Have you read the No Cry Sleep Solution?

  4. Liza says:

    Wait as long as you and Roo can stand it before you start feeding him on the plane. I *always* start too soon. Try to make it until the pilot comes on the intercom and says, “We’re Nth in line for takeoff; flight attendants, please prepare blah blah blah.” Longer if N>next.

  5. Sue says:

    We have no sleep program except for cosleeping. It has averted most crises because it is easier to calm a disturbance early. I emphasize the word easy, which was why we chose it. Cosleeping is not always easy, but it has been for us. I’m told eventually she will choose her own bed. It is there when she does.

    I guess the $20 was a way of saying what he couldn’t say in language, and probably something he would do for a close friend or relative. I assume you accepted it? If you feel weird about spending it you can always donate it.

  6. art-sweet says:

    I JUST posted, asking for baby stuff suggestions. I’m sorry I can’t pay you, but if you’d like a full time job as my baby stuff advisor, consider yourself on the payroll 😉

  7. Janet says:

    Some sleep suggestions: He may be heading into a growth spurt, he may still be adjusting to the shift in daylight savings, he may need a longer burping session, he may be teething. Four months is a little too soon to start CIO. Has he got a pacifier? Is he too warm? I would try and analyze the shift in sleeping if he has been sleeping straight through up to now. I always found a shift in routine always set mine off. Janet

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