Boob revolution

Flying today? Watch for these women.

Why am I surprised again at what prudes we can be in this country?

 Nursing Mother’s Protest Grows: Organizers Target Delta Today.


3 Responses to Boob revolution

  1. Jenn says:

    Oh my God, I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this. I keep asking people I know what their experience was growing up. Maybe my upbringing was more “hippie” than I realized. My mom breastfed all of us, and as I remember, with my brothers at least, for maybe almost 2 years or so. She did it in public I’m sure, it never seemed weird to me, people in my family always breastfed, etc.

    I can’t even comprehend that you’re a woman feeding your child and a flight attendant kicks you off your flight! That’s complete insanity!

    Go nursing moms! Kick some ass!

  2. Momma Knows says:

    Yes, their ignorance is astounding! I would definitely push until Delta issued the statement in writing. Otherwise, it will just happen again.

  3. Momma Knows says:

    BTW, I notice you’re an adoptive mom who breastfeeds (or plans to?) There are a ton of resources at ABRW ( Adoptive Breastfeeding Resources Website) I spent a year and a half there~ 🙂

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