Belated thanksgiving…

I am infinitely grateful that I am not a single parent. Infinitely. Single parents, I kiss your feet. You are even more amazing than I previously thought. And that’s saying a lot.

I am also thankful for the “sliver” approach to pumpkin pie. It means that the sliver sisters – me, my mother, my aunt, and my great-aunt – were able to attack two-thirds of a pumpkin pie tonight in itty bitty tiny pieces. No one actually ate a piece but somehow miraculously at the end of 6 minutes there it was, gone!

I feel ill.


2 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Honestly, it’s not that hard to be a single parent… just like anything else in life, there are hard days but never impossible because with love anything can be achieved. Kiss that precious little man of yours & here’s wishing both you & your wife a belated fantastically delicious, sliver filled Thanksgiving! *hugs* And really, I’d opt out of the ‘kissing my feet’ aspect of it, haven’t had a pedicure since I became a mother. LOL Priorities… hehehehe

  2. Julie says:

    God, I know what you mean–I would be lost without T being there to take over when I need a break!

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