Enough with the damned no-sleeping posts, already

I need to get a grip.

My expectations are too damned high, and it’s making everyone crabby.

The sleeping has been going better. We have not, thankfully, had a repeat of the up-every-hour night. The baby is out of the bed (for most of the night, anyway) and back in the co-sleeper, where we want him – close enough to touch but not in the middle, where we both lie half-awake fearing that we’ll suffocate him with the comforter.

And yet. Still with the 3:30 feedings, which by themselves would be fine – he’s still a really little guy. But also the 4:30 hold-me wakeup and the 6:00 I-want-to-play wakeup (note to Roo: just because YOU went to bed at 7:30 doesn’t mean the rest of us did). I’m exhausted. NSG is exhausted. Getting up at night is so much harder now than it was a few months ago, and no matter what kind of good-attitude talking-to I give myself during the day, I can’t help but whine and grumble out loud – hopefully loud enough that NSG will share my misery – every time he gets up.

Note to self: waking up your partner every time you have to get up is not a good way to earn sympathy.

For Christ’s sake. I’m sick of myself already. Whine, whine, whine. Also, grumble and kvetch. Seriously. As of tonight – as of 14 minutes from now (my goal for hitting my mattress) I will be cool, calm, and collected. No more cursing when the baby wakes up (at some point that’ll come back to haunt me), no more elbowing NSG covertly because misery loves company.

I just needed to say that in print. Now I’m accountable to YOU for it. Just watch me get on with my bad good-attitude-in-the-middle-of-the-night self.


2 Responses to Enough with the damned no-sleeping posts, already

  1. Erin says:

    I hope it worked!

  2. Well.
    I’m brand new here. Just stumbled upon you today. And let me just say –
    I. Love. It.

    Thank you for your honesty and humor and real-life-ness.

    My husband and I are parents to an amazing 5-year-old (whose first house was my uterus and whom I breastfed until he was three and whom I thought would never pull off a godforsaken sleep-through-the-night (in his own bed) until he graduated from college), and we’re considering interracial adoption – maybe from Africa.

    Rest assured. I’ll be back to partake again.

    Best to you three.
    And sweet dreams.

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