The last of the grumpies

Are you sick of me yet? I can’t seem to shake the grumpies this week.

Last night was okay. No cursing, no elbowing (well, once… but only a little one!). A smiley baby in the morning. Lovely.

A rough start this morning, though. NSG and I switched cars so I could take her car to the mechanic. This started to seem like a good idea after she called me hysterical the other day because she was driving with Roo and THE HOOD FLEW UP. Hello?

So I made my way oh-so-slowly to the mechanic next door to my office this morning armed with bungie cords and hazard lights. And of course the inevitable: halfway there the hood flew up again. I managed not to panic, since I had spent half the drive imagining this exact disaster, but the hood was destroyed, the grill cracked, and the roof dented, and I spent the first hour of my work day sitting on the side of the highway in 33 degree weather waiting for the tow truck. And the mechanic took one look at the car and sent us straight to the body shop, since we were now way beyond “fixing the latch.”


As goes the morning, so goes the rest of the day.

It’s time for a grateful list, since I haven’t done this in a long time and I’m clearly in need of a bit of refocusing.

… for my baby who started GIGGLING tonight

… for the kick-ass woman I interviewed today, who gave me hope that I won’t be running this project alone for the rest of the year

… for the little piece of concrete with Roo’s footprints in it, presented to me with great ceremony tonight

… for the good turn recently taken in a friendship that had seemed like it might have hit bottom

… for Scrubs back on the air

… for a windshield that didn’t crack today, despite the odds

… for my sore abs, evidence that I have finally had time to get some exercise again and take care of myself

… for my weekend plans that are almost as much fun to anticipate as they will be to carry out.

And you? What are you grateful for?


3 Responses to The last of the grumpies

  1. My daughter who’se rise & fall of her steady breathing via baby monitor is truly the only sound I look forward to waking up to every morning… (even if it’s super early in the morning like in this case, 5:53am) don’t ask…

    My health, despite living with MS, I am still in considerably good health & even though I have MS, I’ll be damned if it’s gonna ‘HAVE ME’!

    My father, who always seems to ‘know someone’ when there is a specific need that none of us can accomplish without ‘said someone’; ie: my 96 VW Golf needed a new clutch, a new water pump & new seals on the breaks… translation? $1600.00 (had he not known ‘someone’ it could’ve & would’ve been MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE!)

    My mother… who recently fell down the flight of stairs in my front hall & only bruised herself, it could’ve been much worse… she’s 60 & of ample size (we’re Italian…) clearly there’s an angel sitting on her shoulder.

    Your blog, because I know in my heart that I’ll A. never have an infant even if I decided to adopt again, which is highly unlikely, and B. because of knowing ‘A’, I also know that I’ll never get to parent a little boy, which is why I enjoy living vicariously thorugh you beautiful ladies & reading about your precious Roo, who (by the way) Ruby & I would very much like to meet once all the craziness of the holidays is over. Oh, and NSG would be SO PROUD OF ME as I’ve been brushing up on my signing! (new EI worker for the twins I nanny is fluent in it so she’s helping me learn a few new signs, ALWAYS A GOOD THING!)

    and last but certainly not least… I’m grateful for Matty, even though he may not always be a ‘considerate’ guy (he’s 28 & still learning…) he’s ALWAYS there when I need him, his friendship is priceless… I love him.

    Now, back into bed I crawl (god damn those zillion & one pee breaks during the night, ah the joys of MS…)

    and hey, thanks for making me take a moment to think about the things in my life that I am truly grateful for… you are a doll!



  2. Carry says:

    My kids, though they may be whiny and not all together wonderful about doing homework on some days, they always manage to make me smile at least once a day! That they are healthy and other than a bit of asthma for the oldest, have been so since birth. For being so open to me and caring about me both when I came out and most recently after my last relationship crashed and burned.

    My honey – She came along at a point in my life where I had almost given up on love and has loved me enough to move to suburbia for a year, who cooks for me every night and always takes the time to call me during the day just to tell me that she loves me.

    My family who has not only accepted me, as I am, but my gf. Even the family who I was sure would be cold and distant at best surprised me.

    My friends who have been wonderful. They have not only been sweet and supportive but have let me be the same for them.

  3. Shannon says:

    Giggling! Isn’t that the best thing ever, ever, ever?

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