Operation Pacifier Reduction (OPR) has begun in earnest today.

We’re trying to wean him down to only sleeping and car with the damned thing. We’ve stuck with many of the things we swore we would or wouldn’t do as parents. This is not one of them.

Win some, lose some.

Today was harder on mamas than it was on baby.

Roo was very, very loud today – some whining, but generally lots of happy screeching. Tonight he couldn’t be more amped if he was plugged into a socket.

It’s after 10 and I finally managed to put him down to sleep. Small noises still coming from the bedroom suggest he’s still giving off wild electrical energy.

Fourteen hours down. A billion more to go.


3 Responses to OPR

  1. PinkPoppies says:

    I was totally fine with the pacifier. I know some people have issues but I figured it gave my child something to do. We took it away after he was a year old and he was just fine. With children as small as Roo I think you can let it go. It gave him confort, it gave me sleep and we were both happier for it. He’s a lovely well adjusted child these days. I don’t mean to pry but what is the morivation for weaning Roo off the paci at this time of his life? It’s not something people where I live had an issue with and I am curious. Thanks in advance for sharing if you care to, and I will understand if you do not. Pink

  2. Erin says:

    Hee! At 22 months, the paci is still James’ close ally, though he only gets it for sleeping, looong car rides, or huge public meltdowns we can’t extract him from easily. We never thought we’d be ok with the paci either, but some kiddos really need the extra sucking time. J was one of them.

    Regardless though, keeping a paci in the mix for sleeptime is a smart idea. 🙂 There’ve been two studies recently by the NICHD that paci use during sleep reduces SIDS by between 50-90%.

    Enjoy your first holiday season as new mamas. 🙂 Hug that baby Roo for me. xo

  3. Susan says:

    What’s motivating this grand project?

    We weaned off the pacifier in three stages: first, when I noticed that Curious Girl was moving around without it for long periods of time, and then would come across one and put it in her mouth (but wasn’t looking for it specifically), we started hiding them from her. We weren’t keeping them away, particularly, but we weren’t making sure that she always had one, either. That was when she was around a year-15 months, I think.

    Then, at some later date, we made a rule that pacifiers were for the bed (so mostly for napping and bedtime/nightime). If she found a pacifier during the day, she could have it, but had to be on a bed. And since mostly, she wasn’t in a bed, that was OK.

    Weaning the last part was hard. She was the only kid in her 3 yr old room taking a pacifier for rest time, and she was sharing it with a friend. Her teacher asked us to stop sending it, although CG pitched a fit at that prospect (so we kept sending it, and her teacher put it away when she shared it). Then she got a bad rash around her mouth that the pacifier spread, and we told her she couldn’t have the pacifier anymore b/c of the rash. And that was that.

    Obviously, a slower pace than your project! And not to say that our kiddos, or us, want or need the same thing from the pacifier. But I have generally found that these sorts of technique-improvement projects work best if Politica and I are sure that the outcome of the difficult transition will be something we like better, and if we can find a way to package the change along with something else. But that’s easier to do with a slightly older kid.

    So here’s hoping for continued good transitions!

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