Random happiness today…

Leaving work at 4:30 to go to they gym and getting a great, endorphin-full work out in and still home in time to make dinner for my family

The perfect, perfect avocado I had with my lunch

The news about a friend’s adoption of her son and her impending arrival home on a date previously thought to be too soon to be hoped for (my friend, it would be way un-kosher to blog your story for you but I’m so thrilled for you I had to say something)

Roo’s discovery of his voice and the non-stop squealing and laughing he’s doing these days

The fabulous conversation we had tonight with Roo’s (bio)grandmother, who had lost our phone number and was beside herself when we called because she had been praying that we would… and the blessing I felt from her when she said she felt that she hadn’t lost a grandson but had gained two daughters

The upcoming solstice, the darkest day of the year that always feels like such the cozy, comforting kind of dark.

Anyone else want to join in?


4 Responses to Happy

  1. PinkPoppies says:

    I love the sound of children discovering their voice. Today I saw a beautiful display of lights — it was subtle but warming at the same time. Thank you for the gift of recognizing beauty and pleasure in simple things. J

  2. Lisa V says:

    That is beautiful about Roo’s grandmother. Truly.

  3. j says:

    Sweet post. I feel the same way about solstice, and am looking forward to celebrating tonight!

  4. Erin says:

    Happiness for today:

    Lots of internet time at work thanks to everyone else pretty much being gone
    J being home (instead of working) tonight for the first night all week
    James’ little poochy belly in zip up footie pjs to look forward to
    Soup and grilled cheese plans for tonight
    Not having to work again till next Thursday!
    Shopping and lunch with my momster tomorrow.

    And I teared up over the part about Roo’s BGma. 🙂

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