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December 19, 2006

My next post, An Open Letter to the Outgoing Governor, is up at lesbian family dot org.

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December 18, 2006

We have been trying to buy sheets for Roo on ebay. Today, for the THIRD time in two days, we lost the auction by $2.50. I can see how people get sucked into paying exhorbitant amounts for things on ebay because of the thrill of the chase.


The body shop has had my car for almost two weeks. Last week they told me it would be ready the beginning of this week; today when I called they said Friday. WTF?

So I yelled. I told them I lived 25 miles away (the place is by my office), that we have two jobs and two people and that generally people who own cars actually need them. I needed it no later Wednesday, I told them.

The guy passed the buck to the appraiser, who he said had come back today for a supplement since he missed some things the first time. Fine. But why didn’t they call the appraiser after he was there – LAST MONDAY – and why did they tell me last Thursday that it would be all set at the beginning of this week if they knew the appraiser had missed some things?

Tomorrow my co-worker has agreed to play rent-a-husband and call them. It freakin’ kills me to do that but I need my  car and I’m sick of them fucking around.


Someone in my family is driving me up the while. I am walking on eggshells ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t know yet if I can write about it but for now I will say grrr, aaargh, and foot-stomp.


Bitch session over. Despite this, it wasn’t such a bad Monday. How was your Monday?


December 16, 2006

Operation Pacifier Reduction (OPR) has begun in earnest today.

We’re trying to wean him down to only sleeping and car with the damned thing. We’ve stuck with many of the things we swore we would or wouldn’t do as parents. This is not one of them.

Win some, lose some.

Today was harder on mamas than it was on baby.

Roo was very, very loud today – some whining, but generally lots of happy screeching. Tonight he couldn’t be more amped if he was plugged into a socket.

It’s after 10 and I finally managed to put him down to sleep. Small noises still coming from the bedroom suggest he’s still giving off wild electrical energy.

Fourteen hours down. A billion more to go.

Protected: Fumbling through

December 14, 2006

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December 14, 2006

No. Freakin’. Way.


ETA: Per Kim.Kim: the email address for the guy responsible is Don’t be shy about using it.


ETA again: It’s gone! Nicely done, my friends!


December 12, 2006

Today was a big day for us: for the first time, we left Roo with someone he’s not related to.

My sister-in-law, who usually has him on Tuesdays, has the flu, so we asked our friend A., a SAHD whose son J. is 4 months older than Roo, if he could watch him for a few hours. He happily agreed, and then proceeded to pelter us with questions about everything Roo-related we could think of, ending by asking if we would BOTH have our cell phones on the entire time.

We love A., but I wouldn’t call him laid-back.

NSG picked him up, and left me this message:

I’ve got him. He did great, he didn’t cry, he had a good nap and ate a whole bottle. He’s happy, healthy, and safe. And did I mention that he came home in pajamas, and they were backwards?


I think it was a success.

Playing for that team

December 11, 2006

Psssst. I’m over here.

I’ll be over there about once a week. It’s a great team of bloggers, and you don’t even have to play for our team to appreciate it.

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