My kid the inchworm

Life has just not left a lot of space for blogging recently. There are some unbloggable stresses, but also the usual ups and downs – many more ups than downs – of a family juggling two full time jobs and an almost-6-month old.

The tooth trying so hard to bust through Roo’s gums has been wreaking havoc with our nights all week. He’s become a factory of drool and snot (sorry), but has for the most part been pretty good-natured about the whole process… the main exception being between about 3 and 4 every night. There’s nothing like sitting in the rocker with a swaddled baby in the dead of night, listening to him scream and doing everything you can think of to make him feel better, simultaneously feeling like you’d kill someone for some sleep and like you’d give up sleeping for the rest of your life if it would just make him feel good again. 

We’re also still working on getting Roo into his own room. On the advice of the sleep consultant, NSG and I are now on a mattress on the floor of his room, but to save our sanity, since he’s been up close to once an hour in addition to the regular 3 am programming, we’re switching off in the middle of the night and then again in the early morning. Half the time I wake up in bed in the morning and don’t know which room I’m in and can’t remember which room I started in.

But this too shall pass, or so we’ve been assured.

And in the meantime the kid just gets funnier and funnier, which I’m convinced is one of those built-in saving graces of a creature who keeps two adults up half the night after freakin’ night. Today he figured out how to scoot himself… holy! He’s mobile! Time to babyproof the house! He just wanted that toy badly enough and off he went. Later we put him on the bed to see if he would do it again, and, unlike on the hardwood floors, on the bed he scoots using his HEAD for extra mobility. He’s an inchworm! And he is so proud of himself. That’s the best part – watching his face as he realizes he’s done something new, and then as he reacts to our cheering and laughing.

I’m grateful for all this cuteness because life really is exhausting these days.

Tomorrow we have our final post-placement visit before we can file for finalization. I’m also grateful to be done with having social workers involved in this process. Ours has truly been a wonderful support to us, and has earned nothing but our respect and we have always felt like she’s our ally, but we’re ready to be done having our parenting come under official scrutiny every few months.

That’s all my brain can generate for tonight, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


4 Responses to My kid the inchworm

  1. dawnfriedman says:

    My mom always said that the reason god made babies so cute is so we don’t go leave ’em in a forest somewhere. Congrats on the scooting!!

  2. Susan says:

    scooting is so adorable!!! May his cuteness and his sleep habits both increase daily :).

  3. PinkPoppies says:

    The inch worm stage is truly cute. Watch out for the desire to crawl under tables and low chairs — bonks occur when they raise their heads to see something that has caight their attention.

    Good luck with the sleep issues. I would love to know more about the sleep consultant — this is new for me. I have heard of lactation consultants but not sleep.

    Best Pink

  4. Margie says:

    Gosh, you reminded me that our son was wet from his chin to his waist from 6 months to 2. We kept a bib on him at all times, otherwise he’d be totally soggy. He’s 17 now, and it finally stopped, LOL.

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