Beautiful boy

Six months today since my son has been on this planet as a human being in his own right.

Last night we went to hear Kris Delmhorst. It was Roo’s second time hearing her – we’re getting him started on good music early – and he was a champ. He sat in my lap and listened intently for a while and then fell asleep on NSG’s lap.

 Dinner was great, the music was great, it was just one of those nights when we all couldn’t get enough of each other.

When Roo was brand spanking new, our friend V. pronounced him “a really nice person.” It made me laugh, but I knew what she meant. It is funny to say such a thing about a being so new, but as I’ve learned more and more about how to be a parent to this lovely little boy what she said stuck with me.

What a pleasure it is to parent him (even on the days when it isn’t), what confidence I have that he will be – that he already is – a nice person, a mensch, someone who will do good by being in this world.

Last night at dinner I looked at him in his high chair, intently stuffing his white bunny into his mouth and charming the waitress, and I thought:

That is an utterly perfect being.


One Response to Beautiful boy

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, 6 months already, incredible! 🙂 I was catching up reading your blog and the last few posts, the most recent I was picturing this newborn in my mind. Wow, not really too newborn anymore. 🙂 I bet he’s just darling.

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