P*nis down

My new post, P*nis down, is up at LesbianFamilyDOTorg:

When we were just talking about having babies, talking about transracial adoption, several people asked me about raising boys without a dad – what were we going to do, they asked, about making sure our son had plenty of male role models? One of the people who asked me this question was a white woman with a white husband who lived in an almost entirely white neighborhood and had almost exclusively white friends.



2 Responses to P*nis down

  1. cuddly says:

    why s her race significant in her asking the question.
    are there assumptions made just because of that and where she lives and who shes friendly with.

  2. roundisfunny says:

    Cuddly: her race is significant because she’s raising her children without any role models who are people of color, and she’s getting on my case for not having enough male role models.
    I hope you read the whole post over at the other site, because it probably makes more sense in context.

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