Let me give you some advice

I quit posting about sleeping issues a while back because I was starting even to bore myself, but the issues are on-going.

We’re in a particularly bad phase right now involving moving him into his own room and trying really hard to get him to learn to soothe himself. Worth it and also incredibly painful.

Since I haven’t been able to shut up about this in real life the way I’ve managed to here, the unsolicited advice has been pouring in.

If one more person tells us what we should do, what worked for their kid who is nothing like ours, what fit perfectly for their parenting style which is totally unrelated to ours, I just might scream.

This has been hard. For the most part, I think NSG and I have been pretty good about letting other people’s judgement about our parenting style roll off. The judgements that flies about parenting decisions are just stunning (I’m guilty of this too, of course). I think I’m having a harder time shaking it off this time because most of the things we’ve done as parents – so far – have worked for all three of us. With less success around sleep issues, my confidence is down and the assvice is just getting to me.

In the past 48 hours, we’ve been told to: let him cry it out, let him cry for a while – but not too long!, move his bed into our room, go back to co-sleeping, feed him right before bed, don’t feed him before bed, put sweet potato in his bottle at night, sleep in his room with him, sleep in our own room, use a white noise machine, swaddle him, and don’t swaddle him.


And the worst part about this is that when you don’t sleep, everything’s harder. I stubbed my toe yesterday morning and it was like the end of the freakin’ world.


In the scheme of things, this is not so big. It just makes me want to stomp my feet and be kind of petulant once in a while  – lucky you this is usually where I do it, since you, unlike the people in my physical world, can’t smack me. The only advice I’ve hear that’s been at all helpful was from my co-worker, who keeps saying: This too shall pass.

My new mantra.


5 Responses to Let me give you some advice

  1. baggage says:

    I am sorry..I hope it gets better soon!

  2. dawnfriedman says:

    Going without sleep will kill a person. Madison has been up nights coughing for about a week and I’m ready to throw myself down the well. Hope you see an end in sight soon!

  3. Lisa V says:

    Not sleeping sucks. That and potty training are really my least favorite parts of parenting. Something different worked with every one of our kids. The good news is that they all slept through the night eventually. It seems like forever when it’s happening though.

    Since you are over the assvice, I will not tell you about the nyquil with a beer chaser. Works every time. For me. Not them.

  4. Shannon says:

    Yeah. It will pass. Everything does. Lately I’m realizing more and more that the good stuff passes too, and I’m all “whoa! slow down!”

  5. Susan says:

    Indeed, it will pass, and you will find ways to muddle through this and whatever other hard stuff comes your way. You may not remember how you all got through it b/c you’ll be so tired, but it will pass.

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