Protected: Behind the 8-ball

March 29, 2007

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Still here

March 13, 2007

I’m still here.

Work: kicking my arse beyond all reason.

Physical therapy (for that damned babywearing injury): taking up lots of “free” time.

Adoption finalization: still waiting for those stupid agencies to get their paperwork together. Roo will be 12 at this rate.

Marriage: awesome, and a whole hell of a lot of work.

Baby: has a tooth and a half. Crawling like a maniac. Sleeping through the night about half the time (hallelujah!). Really freakin’ cute.

Parenting: my bright spot. And also: exhausting and overwhelming.

Back soon.

Asswipe comment of the day, part 3 in a series

March 5, 2007

Yesterday we’re in a restaurant in the suburbs, refueling after a wild and crazy trip to Target.

NSG is holding Roo and being very silly, and he’s cracking up. They’re very sweet together, and they’re drawing admiring looks from baby-stalkers here and there in the restaurant. The woman sitting behind NSG looks at me and says “father and son?”

NSG freezes with the “not-this-again” look and I say “mother and son.” The woman, thinking I’ve misunderstood, says “no, him – is he the baby’s father?” And again I say, “no, she’s his mother.” So the woman gets up and comes around to see NSG’s face (I’ll grant that NSG has very short hair), as if she doesn’t believe me, and, embarassed, tries to cover her tracks by saying “my, don’t you two look alike!” as she gazes at my pale pale wife and mocha-colored baby. When NSG informs her he was adopted, the woman shrieks “TWO curve balls!” and immediately finds an excuse to be in another part of the restaurant.

Her tablemate tried to smooth things over by telling us over and over how cute Roo is, and then asking where we got such a cute baby. She’s floored when we tell her where he was born –¬†because apparently such cute babies don’t come from the U.S.?

NSG’s only comment: “Honey, let’s get the HELL out of the suburbs.”

Thank you, thank you very much, thank you

March 1, 2007

Many predicted it, few believed it…


[Does happy dance.]