Asswipe comment of the day, part 3 in a series

Yesterday we’re in a restaurant in the suburbs, refueling after a wild and crazy trip to Target.

NSG is holding Roo and being very silly, and he’s cracking up. They’re very sweet together, and they’re drawing admiring looks from baby-stalkers here and there in the restaurant. The woman sitting behind NSG looks at me and says “father and son?”

NSG freezes with the “not-this-again” look and I say “mother and son.” The woman, thinking I’ve misunderstood, says “no, him – is he the baby’s father?” And again I say, “no, she’s his mother.” So the woman gets up and comes around to see NSG’s face (I’ll grant that NSG has very short hair), as if she doesn’t believe me, and, embarassed, tries to cover her tracks by saying “my, don’t you two look alike!” as she gazes at my pale pale wife and mocha-colored baby. When NSG informs her he was adopted, the woman shrieks “TWO curve balls!” and immediately finds an excuse to be in another part of the restaurant.

Her tablemate tried to smooth things over by telling us over and over how cute Roo is, and then asking where we got such a cute baby. She’s floored when we tell her where he was born –¬†because apparently such cute babies don’t come from the U.S.?

NSG’s only comment: “Honey, let’s get the HELL out of the suburbs.”


11 Responses to Asswipe comment of the day, part 3 in a series

  1. shirky says:

    coulda told her you were ALSo his mother and she would have dropped dead


  2. shannon says:

    And they didn’t even get to the esbian-lay arent-pay part.
    This sort of thing happens to us all the time. Though Cole loves it when people mistake her gender. Sounds like NSG does not.

  3. Julie says:

    UGH. And this is why I think it’s just better to avoid eye contact and pretend that the people outside my little bubble don’t exist.

  4. Liza says:

    Sorry. Sounds frustrating.

  5. Jenn says:

    Um, yeah, you didn’t get the memo? US babies = not cute. Obviously you guys have been duped and someone snuck Roo in from another continent and passed him off for a baby born here.


  6. Erin says:

    Wow, that’s astounding. I’m…speechless. Yikes.

  7. Poor_Statue says:

    Bleh on that woman.

  8. Erika says:

    Oh my, she embarrasses me. I don’t know why I would be embarrassed, but wow, what an idiot. She should have crawled under the table. I am sorry people are such idiots.

  9. cloudscome says:

    I had to burst out laughing when she said “Two curve balls!” Like she knew stupid she was being and couldn’t believe you would set her up like that… great story!

  10. Katherine says:

    Ah, comforting to know that idiots abound everywhere and not just in NJ. Great story.

  11. says:

    She wasn’t being mean, she felt really bad and stupid that she had offended you. I don’t understand why you are so nasty about her.

    Some women do look like men, I remember this person in the supermarket bending down really close to my body and it annoyed me (too close to my crotch) When said person stood up straight (still really too close, waaaay too close to me) I said shocked “Oh I thought you were a woman” being really annoyed that a man would do that, she said “I am a woman” and I felt really bad. I told her that happens to me all the time to try to make her feel better and then got away as fast as I could.

    Some nuns look like men too.

    When I was younger people used to think I was a transexual……weird I know.

    Anyway she was trying to be nice but just botched things up.

    Do you think your girlfriend looks like a boy?

    What is wrong with that anyway?

    If you cut your hair really super short and you dress in masculine clothes and you don’t have big breasts what do you expect?

    Nothing wrong with masculine looking women, the world has all types of fashion and tastes in clothes and people. We get used to it here in Amsterdam.

    Now get out of the suburs and come and live in Amsterdam (be careful of the supermarkets though)

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