Definitely one of our finer moments as homeowners


Who knew that liquid dish soap can’t substitute for dishwasher soap?


Clearly, not us.


9 Responses to Definitely one of our finer moments as homeowners

  1. techie says:

    I’m sure that you don’t want to know this, but the problem is that liquid dish soap has LOTS more bubbles than the stuff that you use in the sink. soap for front loading high efficiency clothes washers and dish washers are lower in bubbles so (It’s a different type of soap and I can’t remember what kind) so that this doesn’t happen.

  2. barb says:

    heehee. that’s…hilarious. 🙂

  3. shirky says:

    ha ha ha
    lucy, you got some splainin to do!

    if you are still getting bubbles put ice cubes in it

  4. j says:


    We’d so do something like that.

  5. Lisa V says:

    Wasn’t this a Brady Bunch episode?

  6. Sparkles says:

    I have SO done this! I knew it wouldn’t work with the usual amount, but I thought if I just put in a bit less? Nope…crazy bubbles everywhere! LOL

  7. Jenn says:

    That’s kind of awesome. I actually knew this but I didn’t know how interesting the results would be!

  8. Clementine says:

    I love it. That’s awesome!

  9. craig says:

    Too funny! I just documented a similar event (liquid soap in the dishwasher) on my blog “Kitchen Patrol”. Check it out if you need a laff or two:

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