The most boring post EVAH

This is the kind of day when I am That Employee.

A few things have been crossed off my to-do list – for example, my voice mail says I’ll be out of the office, and my desk is clean – you know, the really pressing stuff. The reports, summaries, phone calls to return, documents to edit – this is a different story.

Whatever. I’m kicking time around until it’s respectably late enough for me to get out into this gorgeous day and officially begin my vacation.

I can’t wait to get Roo to his grandparents house. His personality is just exploding. In the last week, he’s said “dog” and “mama” (though sadly for me, Mama is the other one), and signed “finished,” “more,” and “thank you.”

Yesterday he figured out how to zerbert me. He would do it, look at my face, crack up, and do it again. 

This morning I zerberted him and he belly laughed and then signed “more.”

My kid is a freakin’ genius. No kid has ever accomplished such feats before.

Okay. That took about 5 minutes. Another 45 or so to go, I think. I’ve already exhausted I Can Has Cheezeburger, The Onion, and Go Fug Yourself. Also People and Us Weekly. I’m entering Dilbert territory.

Any suggestions?


2 Responses to The most boring post EVAH

  1. shirky says:

    the Lists at McSweeney’s
    toothpaste for dinner

  2. FosterMommy says:

    Ah, the power of a zerbert! Niblet used to do the same thing when we would “3-plop” her (swing her, 1, 2, 3, and then *plop* her on the couch). She actually learned the difference between “again” and “more”, and used “again” for the 3-plop. It was pretty freakin’ brilliant, imo.
    Then, of course, she realized that she could just use “more” for everything, and we’d get the idea, so she dropped “again”.

    oh, and there’s always CuteOverload for time-wasting.

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