What’s happening in Guatemala?

Adoption probe traps babies.

This orphanage has been shut down under allegations of baby stealing and baby-selling.

I can’t figure out from this article exactly what’s happening.  On the surface, it looks like the orphanage was shut down to protect women whose children are becoming available for adoption against the will of the moms. But the DNA evidence, at least according to this one article, doesn’t seem to support that.

Anyone have a better understanding of any of this?


6 Responses to What’s happening in Guatemala?

  1. holly says:

    I just got wind of this and know more than one person who’s adopted from Guatemala recently.

  2. shirky says:

    Many of the adoptive parents of Guatemalan children who’ve been discussing this believe that the Guatemalan officials are making an example or a show of this to establish their tough-on-adoption bona fides. Those who have worked with CQ seem to agree that the home is above-board; however it’s a target because it’s well known.

    I don’t know which version is true (or true-er), but that’s the buzz.

  3. HeatherS says:

    Some people who know more about this than I have said there is a connection to UNICEF funds. UNICEF discourages intercountry adoption (believing that children would be best helped staying in country and benefitting from charitable efforts like theirs). The theory is that Guatemalan officials are making an example of this particular orphanage to curry favor with UNICEF.

    (Hopefully I’m not spreading an unfounded rumor.)

  4. artsweet says:

    I am biased because we adopted P’ito from this orphanage, and I am still catching my breath at how close we came to tragedy. As of yesterday, the children have been removed from the orphanage, where they received exemplary care, to undisclosed locations. Since the govt took over, nine children have been hospitalized.

    My take on it in brief: pre-election shenanagins, with a dash of money grubbing (the unicef comment, alas, is true), and an anti-adoption lame duck administration determined to make their mark. The attorneys who were arrested have been released for lack of evidence, and the administration is throwing as much mud as it can in the hope that something sticks. There’s lots of talk about this at http://www.guatadopt.com if you want to learn more. Or email me.

    I don’t deny that Guatemalan adoption needs reform.

  5. artsweet says:

    oops, cut off: I don’t deny that the adoption system in Guatemala needs reform, but this attack was unjustified and illegal.

  6. shannon says:

    Someone on my gay adoption listserv says it is at least partly gay-baiting because the orphanage does a lot of adoptions to queer families. I don’t know much about the specifics but I trust the guy. He’s smart and ethical.

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