I’d sell my soul…

… to sleep through the night. It was so good for a while, and now it’s just so bad.

 Has anyone used the No-Cry Sleep Solution? Any other books you’d recommend for the Dr. Sears set?

Seriously. At this rate I might not have any more children. Too tired.


5 Responses to I’d sell my soul…

  1. Dawn says:

    Ann Douglas has a sleep book and she’s a wonderful woman PLUS an attachment parenting oriented writer. I can’t remember the name (it might be: the sleep book!) but you can just look up Douglas. I did like the No Cry Sleep Solution but frankly was too tired to actually implement any of it.

  2. techie says:

    we tried “the no sleep cry solution”.. wait, I’ve got that backwards, oh no, I don’t.

    Seriously, though we did try the book, and it didn’t help too much for us. It’s one of those things where each kid is different, and they go through different stages in what they need to sleep. Oh- and haveing all of thier teeth makes a TREMENDOUS difference for some children. For us that was the magic thing. Hang in there and if you have to split the night so that each parent gets 4 hours to sleep with out getting up with baby, split the weekend so that each of you can sleep in on one day.

    Hang in there and good luck.

    PS We’re working on #2 now, and our kid didn’t sleep though the night more than 30 nights before his 2nd birthday.

  3. FosterMommy says:

    I feel ya.
    Niblet didn’t sleep through the night the entire year we had her (from 6-18 months old). She would wake up every 2 hours or so and usually took a good hour to get her down for the night.
    Squeak is exclusively breastfed, so he wakes up every 1-2 hours to eat. and spends the second half of the night squirming and fussing almost constantly. and NOW he has a cold, so he’s snotty and snorty and coughing. Which makes him sleep even WORSE, if that’s possible. AND he’s teething.

    So, no, we don’t have any suggestions for you. I think once they’re a little older and not in oral pain, it is easier to have a routine and get them used to falling back to sleep on their own, etc. Eventually, even with Niblet, we could go in and say “night night” and she’d lay back down and close her eyes. We’d still have to stand there while she fell asleep, but she knew that was the plan.

    Go ahead and try anything that seems like it might work for you and Roo. If it doesn’t, then you’re no worse off, right?

  4. boomerific says:

    Ok. So maybe this won’t be helpful at all, but when I was assessing the Snapper’s sleep I finally just threw every book and helpful comment from others out the window and tried to figure out a) what he really needed and b) what I really needed and worked on balancing that out (with his needs weighing more heavily of course). I agree with FosterMommy–you know Roo and you and your partner better than anyone else. Trust that first and see where it gets you.

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