Grateful list, Friday edition

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but Clementine prompted me in her comment today and I remembered how much I liked doing these:

So, the grateful list, Friday edition:

  • A baby who raced purposefully across the room to hand me a rubber duck when I got home from work last night
  • The new Barbara Kingsolver book, which is renewing my committment to thinking about the source of what I put in my mouth before I do it
  • The look on my friend T.’s face when she opened her door Wednesday night to find a tiny heffalump on her porch
  • My newly clean desk, a byproduct of my total lack of motivation to do anything that’s actually on my to-do list
  • My newly clean car (see bullet point above)
  • $2,500 in grants that came in today from a slapdash proposal I threw together and sent out the door at the 11th hour last week
  •  The pile of yarn in colors I want to eat and the optimism that allows me to think it might turn into a sweater before Roo’s too big to wear it
  • Heirloom carrots in the fridge, which can make something good with that big hunk of ginger on the door
  • Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday

And you? What are you grateful for?


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