Soliciting assvice

Three questions for you, oh internets: 

1. We were thinking about going to see August Rush this weekend, but I’m both interested in and very wary about adoption movies. What have you heard about it?

2. Space heaters: efficient way to keep your baby warm, or absolute neurotic-mom-nightmare death trap? I know someone who lost his whole house when his space heater tipped over (doesn’t everyone know “someone who”?). I know they make them now so they shut off if they tip over or overheat, but I’m still fearful about them, and Roo’s room is still freezing at night. Convince me one way or the other.

3. Cloth-butt devotees: what have you done to get your kid through the night with a cloth diaper without him soaking through? We’ve used cloth his whole life with much success, but now suddenly he can’t get through the night. We use thick covers, prefolds, and doublers. So we’ve been using ‘sposies at night and now the kid has the first diaper rash of his life. Anyone? Bueller? We could really use some help.


8 Responses to Soliciting assvice

  1. shirky says:

    some people swear by wool.
    or old timey vinyl pants.

  2. techie says:

    as for Number 3.
    We had this happen when ours was about ready to change sizes. Can you go up a size? Fuzzi bunz help, you could also buy some remainder fleece and just cut little rectangles and line the dipes with that. The fleece won’t hold liquid and it helps them stay dry. then you just wash it with the dipes.

    as for Number 2.
    could you install an electric plug in base board heater? They’re quite effective and a bit less scarey than a space heater.

  3. Kokojero says:

    Bueller? Bueller?

    We’ve found the bamboo liners doubled over fantastic for overnights – and wool covers as shirky mentioned 🙂

  4. Heather.PNR says:

    Hemp is what gets us through the night–that stuff soaks up liquid like nobody’s business.

  5. Liza says:

    We only CD at night. What I do is pocket dipes with a doubled or tripled layer of microfiber stuffin “up front” backed up by a hemp prefold. The result is a thick as hell diaper and very few leaks.

    I’ve only tried this during naptime, but fwiw, that’s the only time I’ve used prefolds with a wonderwrap. Then I triple-fold a microfiber stuffin into the “front” of a folded hemp prefold, making sure it’s close to an inch below the top edge of the diaper. (Microfiber is too absorbent for prolonged direct skin contact.)

    On the space heater front, we debate this endlessly in our house. Ultimately, we have a small ceramic heater, roughly 5″x”5″x8″, which automatically turns off if it gets too hot. We set it on a dresser (yes wood, but seems safer than carpet).

  6. Clementine says:

    I was thinking electric baseboard heating, too.

  7. Jenn says:

    I think the electric baseboard heater sounds best. We have a space heater that I don’t worry about “for us” but I am pretty sure if I had it in my baby’s room I’d have heart palpitations over it, even though I’ve tested its shutoff abilities numerous times.

  8. FosterMommy says:

    cloth diapering is my hobby, so I love givin’ the advice!
    We love this diaper:
    VBSN with all the available doublers, lined with stay-dry fleece. We cover it with a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and it never leaks. It’s SOAKED in the morning, but his bum is pretty dry.
    Some people swear by bamboo, but I’ve never tried it. This one is a one-size diaper, so you could open it up all the way and add even more doublers, maybe?

    Wool is good, like an Aristocr*t or a B*byology, but you need roomy pjs over it, or it’ll wick.

    You can also check out the archives at Di*, cuz people are always asking for overnight suggestions.

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