Gone, baby, gone

Drum roll, please…

We spent the night away from home last night WITHOUT THE BABY.

We stayed up late! (if 11:30 is late). We went to a movie! We had dinner – sushi – in bed! We had breakfast and no one signed “more” repeatedly with every bite. We slept past 6 am!

After the sleep shenanigans of the past few months, we reached our breaking point and hopped on Expedia. It was a pretty good deal in an exotic location: a suburb a whopping 4 miles from home. But the location was beside the point.

Roo stayed home with NSG’s dad and stepmom, who were very excited to have the opportunity. They took him for smoothies this morning and reported all went well, though it took them 2 hours to get out of the house. Fair enough – it took me that long to leave the house when he was brand new. He did great, they did great. Next time we’ll sleep better because we won’t be so worried about him keeping them up half the night.

He crashed when we came home – big smiles for about 10 minutes and then he couldn’t stop crying. Remember that feeling when you were little, of holding it together until you were with the person you felt safest with and then just falling apart?

Definitely a success.

(And yeah, sue me, I missed a day of NaBloPoMo. I’ve posted some photos as penance.)


One Response to Gone, baby, gone

  1. Totally exciting! I can’t wait for our first mommy only overnight together!

    I found your blog via lesbian family. Nice place you’ve got here!

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