Toddler v. 1.0

Sunday afternoon: we’re in the drugstore.

Roo picks up a bottle of hair oil from the shelf and starts to walk away with it. He’s freakishly talented at unscrewing bottle tops, so I reach down and take it from him, offering him some hairbands as an alternative.

Instead of taking them, he falls immediately and with great drama to the shlocky drug store carpet, face down, screaming, kicking his legs, and pounding his fists on the floor.

We did the only thing you would expect of empathetic, patient parents:

We died laughing.


2 Responses to Toddler v. 1.0

  1. Liza says:

    Welcome to the world of “almost 2”! The most challenging bit is not the tantrums, IMO, but the fact that it is so much harder to distract them with random objects.

  2. Erin says:

    I hope you at least turned your back so that his only view of you (should he have bothered to look up) was the shaking shoulders.

    Because that’s what we do.

    No one ever told me that one of the hardest parts of parenting would be reacting appropriately to bad behavior. I thought I’d be horrified when P did that for the first time. Instead, I think I had the same reaction that you did.

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