Wednesday Recipe

Preparation time: 4-5 hours

Ingredients required:

  • Two moms, including one fearful flyer with relaxation meditation guide pre-loaded on iPod and bottle of atavan in carry-on bag
  • One toddler with off-switch removed
  • One bottle Benadryl, used in conjunction with above ingredient only if moms reach breaking point
  • One airplane pointed South, ideally without a single empty seat
  • One heaping bag full of toys and books, each for use for approximately 180 seconds

To make: Beginning at the crack of dawn, combine all ingredients. If desired, add crabby passengers, overworked airport personnel, and some really terrible coffee. Repeat entire process in reverse 3 days later.

Recovery time: Undetermined as of yet. Unscientific data has shown that pumpkin pie eaten standing up on a Friday morning may speed recovery.


One Response to Wednesday Recipe

  1. artsweet says:

    I am dreading this.

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