Asswipe comment of the day

On a 40-seater plane on the runway in Cincinnati, Saturday night after Thanksgiving, with airport and plane sufficiently mobbed and overheated, Roo in my lap flirting with everyone around us between short lapses into sobbing, I-don’t-want-to-sit-still-anymore toddler tantrums, the flight attendant turns to the teenage boy across the aisle from us and says:

Well, that’s certainly a good argument to use birth control, isn’t it?


10 Responses to Asswipe comment of the day

  1. Liza says:

    Are you f*ing kidding me?

    I think you should write the airline. That is so rude and inappropriate. Toddlers have tantrums. You’re sorry yours annoyed someone else. If you could have prevented it, you would have.

    The flight attendant was, presumably, an adult with some impulse control. If you can’t stand stressful human situations, don’t go into a job where so much of it involves customer service.

  2. Jenn says:

    This is insane.

    You can make cracks like that about your own kid if you want, hopefully not on a plane, but no one needs asswipe-y commentary from the flight attendant. WTF?????

  3. Susan says:

    That is SO totally unacceptable. You should totally write to the airline about that: I mean, understandable for someone to be irritated by a crying child in the moment (even if it’s dumb to overlook the fact that the crying child is also the adorable flirting child), but it is part of a professional’s job to be polite to the public on the plane. That is totally unbelievable.

  4. m says:

    The flight attendant said that??? Yes, I agree with the others….write the airline. That is totally unacceptable.

  5. Erin says:

    That is ridiculous–I would absolutely write the airline and explain how completely inappropriate a comment like that was. She’s supposed to be a professional. Do they really want someone like that representing their airline?

  6. Mary Lynn says:

    Oh my god!!! That’s really a master swipe — managing to question your child’s right to exist, insult you, and embarrass the teenage boy. What a w*anker. How bout doing his/her job? Like, maybe asking you if there’s anything you need?


  7. ArtSweet says:

    So so not acceptable.

  8. FosterMommy says:

    That’s ridiculous.
    Only in this f’ed up culture would anyone think that, much less say it. However, I’m coming up with a lot of decent comebacks that involve the type of birth control you DO use…and that would shut that stupid attendant’s mouth right quick.
    “I’ve found that homosexuality is the best birth control there is!” or something like that….

  9. Oh dear, yes that is well out of order. Different if it had been another passenger – just a bad joke then and as a parent you have to accept sometimes that other people don’t see your bundle of joy as anything other than noisy and irritating. But yeah – the customer is always right, even when the customer is a toddler and there is NO WAY a flight attendant should ever make a comment like that about a customer – very very unprofessional and if it was a joke it was bad taste and not funny and as somone else said it was also embarrassing for the teenage boy too.
    But life’s too short. Choose your battles carefully. Poor flight attendant had probably had a long day full of irksome babies and whilst they should be able to cope and not make crappy comments, well, what good could writing do? Well, it might make you feel better.
    Travelling by plane with toddlers is such hard work – I have four children, three of which are boys – why can’t people offer to help instead of making snide comments and trying to make themselves look clever?

  10. Anonymous says:

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