Sunday *updated

December 16, 2007

Among the three of us, we have: jet lag, 2 stomach bugs, a correlating pile of vomit-covered laundry (sorry), A BROKEN TOILET, a snowed-in car, and a missing magnet to open our child-proof cabinets.

Team Round is Funny is OUT.

*** ETA: Toilet fixed, magnet found (in the shredder), car dug out, laundry done, jet lag mostly resolved. Kid still vomitocious, wife still just a little pathetic, daycare closed. It’s definitely progress, but only for a Monday.


I miss…

December 14, 2007

First snowstorm of the year

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… my family, and I miss this – the first snowstorm of the year. I can hardly complain: I’m at my uncle’s house – not only is he still alive (which a month ago was still a question) but we ate sushi together tonight, and it’s 50 degrees out at 8 pm. But still – I want to taste snow, and I want to lie on the couch and let Roo use me as his human belly-trampoline.

I always used to love travelling for work. It feels a lot more ambivalent now that I’m Roo’s mama.

(Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)

Not that you were tempted to cast your vote for him…

December 12, 2007

From The Boston Globe:

Shortly before announcing his White House bid, Mike Huckabee told a gathering of Christian conservatives that he had the toughest position against gay marriage of any Republican candidate. “Unless Moses comes down with two stone tablets from Brokeback Mountain to tell us something different, we need to keep that understanding of marriage,” Huckabee said, referring to the movie about two gay cowboys.

This was the same day the news also broke that, 1992, he suggested “containing” people with HIV in order to contain the pandemic.


What would Supermom do?

December 11, 2007

I was walking around downtown Oakland, CA today, trying to get some blood flowing out of my ass and back into my brain after the cross-country flight, and I saw a mom and son have an argument.

He sneaked a cookie out of her bag and shoved it in his mouth. She turned around, saw him with the evidence, and whapped him one, sending him flying down the three concrete steps (he landed on his feet), and then screamed at him: godDAMNIT I told you not to eat any more of those FUCKING cookies! And on and on.

I’d guess he was 3. Four, maybe? He didn’t act surprised, so I’m guessing this is the usual MO. She had a tiny baby strapped to her in a Bjorn.

What I wanted to do was grab him and bolt. Here’s what I did instead: nothing. I was worried that if I said something to her it would make it worse for him. But it’s haunting me.

Crap. What would you have done in real life, or if you were Supermom?

Protected: Stepford-in-law

December 10, 2007

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Grateful list, 32nd birthday edition

December 7, 2007

Birthdays aren’t as much fun at 32 as they were at 12, but I still like ’em.

So here’s the grateful list for the day:

  • For the requisite disgusting office birthday cake that represents how lucky I am to get paid to do this work with these people;
  • For that awesome kid whose latest trick is to jump overandoverandoverandover on his brand new mini trampoline (courtesy of Grandma) while shouting “bum, bum, bum!”
  • For the tickets I have in my hot little hands to see Richie Havens live tonight;
  • For the stack of potatoes and bottle of vodka just begging to be turned into latkes and cocktails for a couple of friends tomorrow night;
  • For my wife who met me when I was 24-year-old cute but insists I’m much cuter now;
  • For being where I had barely hoped to be at 32.


Protected: Micromanagement

December 5, 2007

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